Why they kicked me out of Australia

Interesting conversation at work today, with a female colleague who started to tell me about the problems she'd been having with getting her car fixed and why the temporary replacement drive had been so much better. It was all going very well until she started getting all technical on me about specs and things like, I don't know, engine size, probably. That was the point at which I had to hold my hands up and admit that as far as I was concerned, all I cared about in a car was how quickly it could get me to the nearest comic shop. Obviously she'd assumed that because I'm a guy, I know about this kind of thing, and she was simply trying to speak to me in my native language of Laddish. Bless.

Once we'd got over that little bit of awkwardness we had a much more sensible and meaningful conversation about how badly Underworld 4 sucked. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it does.

I get the same thing about sport too, all the time. Is it any wonder people ask me whether I'm really an Aussie?