"Thoroughly absorbing" - Joanne Harris


"If you like fantasy and yearn for an intelligent, meaningful new voice, dip your toes into the turquoise waters of Tourmaline" - Den of Geek
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"Brogden joins a select list of luminaries like Christopher Priest and Robert Holdstock" - Birmingham Science Fiction Group

"Quirky... well-written... engaging" - British Fantasy Society
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"One of the finest books published this year: addictive, thrilling, fantastic, saturated with imagination and brimming with story" - BirminghamFavourites
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The Tourmaline Archipelago is a place of wonder and grotesquerie which exists on the other side of our dreams. In our sleep we sail its seas and walk the streets of its cities like phantoms.

Sometimes we dream too deeply and become trapped, invading their world with our nightmares and fantasies, and then it is the job of Berylin Hooper, an agent in the Department for Counter Subornation, to hunt down and expel those trapped souls who threaten the very reality of her world and the safety of her people.

Sometimes we bring them back with us when we wake. Lost, confused, and possessed of powers which leak through from their home, these exiles are pursued by the mysterious Hegemony which seeks to enslave them. When a woman appears who exists in both worlds simultaneously, she must run for her life from enemies who will tear apart the boundaries of existence and plunge each into chaos in order to possess her abilities.

And in a doldrum region of the Archipelago floats Stray, an island-sized raft inhabited by lost dreamers from our world. Here Bobby Jenkins awakens, with no memory of his former existence and determined to find his way home. But how can he return when the woman he loves refuses to leave, and how can he protect her from both Hooper and the Hegemony?

Tourmaline is an adventure through love, death, and the dreaming space between.

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