Hekla's Children

Hekla’s Children is a brilliant novel full of great twists, beautifully drawn characters, exceptional writing, and startling ideas. It will leave you questioning the truths of myth and history, and that fine knife-edge between personal perception and reality.’
Tim Lebbon, New York Times bestselling author

Brogden offers us a compulsive and unpredictable page-turner in which the ancient and modern world clash with devastating effect. Engaging characters, mind-bending concepts and enthralling set pieces propel the reader through a story in which the stakes are high and nothing can be taken for granted.’
Mark Morris, British Fantasy Award winner

Hekla’s Children is at once a very modern dark fantasy, which also harks back to the classics of the genre. Like an irresistible mix of Masterton, Simmons and Gaiman, this novel marks Brogden out as a new rising star.’
Paul Kane, bestselling author of Hooded Man


A decade ago, teacher Nathan Brookes saw four of his students walk up a hill and vanish. Only one returned, Olivia, starved, terrified, and with no memory of where she’d been. Questioned by the police but released for lack of evidence, Nathan spent the years trying to forget.

When a body is found in the same ancient woodland where they disappeared, it is first believed to be one of the missing children, but is soon identified as a Bronze Age warrior, nothing more than an archaeological curiosity. Yet Nathan starts to have horrific visions of the students, alive but trapped. Then Olivia reappears, desperate that the warrior’s body be returned to the earth. For he is the only thing keeping a terrible evil at bay... 

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