The Realt


“Book two of James Brogden's Tourmaline trilogy is a satisfyingly complex, pacy imaginative novel that never stops moving forward...”- Den of Geek
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"An ingenious actioner in which a darkly credible alternate world intersects with the underbelly of our second city.  But there’s nothing secondary about this smart, steampunk to noir horror page-turner." - Stan Nichols, author of 'Orcs'

Brogden joins a select list of luminaries like Christopher Priest and Robert Holdstock" - Birmingham Science Fiction Group

War has come to the Tourmaline Archipelago. The Amity finds itself threatened by an Elbaite fleet armed with weapons of unparalleled destructive power supplied from our world – the Realt - by the shadowy forces of the Hegemony.

Fleeing from this devastation, Alison Owens – the last survivor of the raft-island Stray – takes refuge in the city of Carden, where she begins to discover the scope of her abilities as a lucid dreamer in this world on the other side of sleep. Meanwhile, Bobby Jenkins must infiltrate the Hegemony itself to find the secret of how to return to Tourmaline and the woman he loves.

But there are darker forces than the Hegemony in play. The Brood of Lilivet have taken hosts, and seek to awaken an unspeakable evil which lies neither in Tourmaline, nor the Realt, but the dreaming space between.

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