Project Tezlar is Finished!

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen: the tezlar gun in all its glory:

Right-handed configuration; power controls are on this side so as not to interfere with holstering:

Left side:

View from above, looking at the battery gauge and voltage regulator:

Bit of an angle for you, just to make things dramatic... demonstrated by Counter Subornation Cadet Officer (First Class) Eden Peppercorn.

Oh yeah. If you're a suborning dreamer from the Realt, this is the last thing you're going to see before several thousand volts expel you from our world.

Battery pack:

Battery pack controls:

Insignia of the Department for Counter Subornation Tezlar Division. The quartered circle represents the world, with the electricity bolt guarding it.

Detail of tez-gun power cable and battery pack socket:

How it all fits together...

... and in the holster (special thanks to Jacklyn Hyde Creations for that one)

Come one, you know you want to wear it too. And you can - pop along and see me at any of Showmasters' London Film and Comic Cons. Failing that, you could always read about how this lovely piece of kit works in Tourmaline. I suppose I've got no excuse to get back on with writing the sequel now, have I?