Project Tezlar: Fiddling Around the Edges

A bunch of stuff arrived today: some decorative doodads from Vintage Jewelry Supplies and a bunch of old toggle switches off ebay. The former I can handle fine - superglue, blu-tack and a small stick. The switch is going to require expert technical advice from the guys in the Design & Technology Dept. at school, just as soon as we've all survived coursework season.

The 'silver' thing on the grip is to cover up the original "Elite"logo; I like that it looks a bit like a tentacle, too. The brass leafy viney thing is just because.

Project Tezlar: Basic Respray

Got the basic colours sorted out - you can still see hints of the original blue here and there but those will disappear with the final touch-ups and dry-brushing. Plus the hedge is looking rather neat at the moment - a good thing because I can't foresee any actual gardening getting done this spring.

Colour Test & Undercoating

Bought spray paints today. Tested "copper" on a random bit:

Have started undercoating in satin black. Yes, that's my toe at the bottom. Pretty good flesh tones on that, I think.

Project Tezlar

Last week I bought a nerf gun. It looked like this:

...or at least it did until I started hacking at it. Now it looks like this:

The plan is to pimp this thing steampunk style and try to create something like the tezlar guns which are used by the characters in my book Tourmaline. In place of the revolving magazine I intend to install the crowning glory of this awesome weapon: a plasma ball.

I even have the ball. It arrived today from the States. It looks like this:

Now I won't lie to you - electronics is not really my thing. I'm going to be needing some help and advice if I don't want my fingers to end up looking like crispy roasted twiglets.

I'll get back to you on this in a bit.